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Michael Moore

Motivational Speaker & Best Selling Author



At Moore Momentum, I strive to inspire people to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams. As a relentless and loyal entrepreneur, a family man, and an ultimate chainbreaker, I know what it takes to succeed. I believe in a combination of book smarts and street smarts, and have honed my skills through years of discipline and hard work. My goal is to share my knowledge with others in order to help them reach their own goals and achieve their own success.

"You may not be able to do everything you put your mind to, but you can't do anything that you don't put your mind to." 

-Michael Moore


Michael Moore  Author & Speaker

By the time Michael Moore was 17 he had already seen someone shot and killed in front of his face, seen his best friend and brother buried, and was nearly sent to prison. Michael is now a 35 year old God fearing man with a checkered past. He grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and at 20 years old he joined the United States Army and served six years. He has been married to his best friend for three years and has two children; an eight year old daughter and a two year old son. 

Michael Moore is now a best selling author  of the book entitled, "Fact or Fiction or Fictional Facts" which sold over 300 copies in the first month. The book explores how a young black male in Alabama went from being a curious and mischievous youngster to a young man on his way to prison. Michael's experiences and his willingness to speak to others about omitting the street life has earned him several speaking engagements to youth and young men who are fascinated with the luxury of money, drugs, alcohol and women.

The highly requested speaker has a spearheaded message that talks about:

1. Redemption.

2. Overcoming adversity.

3. The ability to be versatile and transitioning. 

4. Your past does not determine your future.

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Endulge in the mind and creativity of author Micheal Moore. He is an inspirational speaker as well as a dad who encourages his children and others to embrace their uniqueness. Michael Moore is available for speaking engagements.